So, you actually want to know about me? How nice of you! I’ll make at as painless as possible.Sharon

I’ve been online since the internet was born. Yeah, I’m that old. Just turned 50 this year. I’ve watch it grow into something magical. Something that transforms people’s lives in ways we could only dream about in science fiction.

Over the years, I’ve dabbled in many different ways to make money online. Some did good, some failed. But with each one, I would always come back to realizing the same thing…that I should start a blog. Oh, I resisted it for years, opting to become a fiction author instead. But after years of being pushed around by Amazon, I decided it was time for a change.

That’s when my niece, who has a blog she’s been running slow and easy for the last 5 years told me she was able to quit her day job with her blog income. Yeah, I got really interested.

So that is what I am doing here. This is actually going to be a second blog. I have a first blog that is health and diet related because that is a passion of mine.

This site will be dedicated to all the things I have learned and continue to learn ┬ábeing online and working online over the years, as I hope to help other’s who might see starting a website as daunting. As I move along, I will be sharing what I do with you.